How Architects Collaborate with Interior Designers

When considering a new construction project, many homeowners wonder whether you should hire an Architect or an Interior Designer. If you are building from the ground up or working on an extensive remodel, the answer is both. Every home tells a story woven through the work of both an architect and an interior designer. Most successful new home or renovation projects are ones where there is a symbiotic relationship between these two professionals. Working in harmony encourages the exchange of ideas and ensures the cohesiveness of your project.

Shared Goals

While the fields of Architecture and Interior Design are distinct, they are unmistakably intertwined. They rely on each other’s experience and specified knowledge. The client’s vision is ultimately achieved through this collaborative connection. A new home or extensive renovation that it structurally, functionally, and aesthetically beautiful from the inside out is ultimately their shared goal. When these two professionals align their goals and priorities, the client benefits to the greatest degree.

Simultaneous Planning

Having both the architect and interior designer present from project inception allows for the proper exchange of ideas, insights, and concerns. Problem solving is a great strength of both disciplines. Perhaps you prefer a spacious kitchen with a lot of natural light. By communicating with both the architect and interior designer, you ensure that your goals and priorities are reflected in architectural and design decisions. In a construction project, it is the architect’s job to draw and develop the initial floor plans. The role of an interior designer is to take the architect’s model and develop space plans with furniture and case goods. In many instances, the designer can collaborate with the architect on the kitchen and bathroom layouts so that they reflect your specific needs. Having two sets of eyes on a project to review scale, size, color and form before anything is built enables these professionals to catch potential problems before they arise.

Working as a Liaison

The world of home construction and architecture can tend to be a bit daunting for the novice. Involving an interior designer in the design build process can help to clarify technical terminology used between the architect and the builder. The designer becomes a liaison between the two as clients seek to understand what to ask and what to expect during each step of the process. This collaboration promotes clear communication of your vision and allows all participants to stay informed and on the same page. Both architects and interior designers have built their respective relationships with manufacturers and vendors. Pooling resources across professionals will ensure that your project will see the very best of materials and products from foundation to finishes. The story of your new home will most certainly sing the collaborative efforts of both the architect and the interior designer as they bring your vision to life.

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