Landscaping Your New Home

While we work together on the design of your new home, consider also planning your outdoor space. It’s not too early to launch a landscaping plan and budget.  Many communities require that you submit landscape plans at the same time as architectural plans – so the home is designed as a “whole” from the start.

If you entertain, maybe you need that perfect spot for a grill and guest seating. If you have children, consider a dedicated outdoor “family room” where they can hang out to watch movies, listen to music or have game nights. Your expected uses for the outdoor space, as well as your home’s architectural style, will dictate which landscaping would best complement it.

Planning for the Future

The key to perfect landscaping is long-term planning. It’s not just about today; it’s about what you want your hardscapes, gardens and trees to look like when mature. Live vegetation can sometimes take years to come into full maturity, so mix in plants and flowers that have an immediate beauty with trees and perennials that need to grow and integrate over the years. Landscaping can be a complex and expensive undertaking that may best be met in stages, beginning with some basics when your home is new.


Combining a diverse mix of materials into your garden – creating paths, walls, raised beds, water features, decking – will elevate it from attractive to inspired. Like home, the bones of a garden are as important as what you plant in it.

Southern Style

Homes in the beautiful Bluffton Lowcountry are known for a certain aesthetic that aligns with our unique environment. One way to celebrate that environment is through your landscaping. Old vines like bougainvillea and wisteria, hanging moss and magnolia trees are iconic Southern garden fare.

Features to Consider

Every garden benefits from a wow factor, whether yours is a fountain, a sculpture or a plethora of welcoming blooms at your entrance. Create an attention-grabbing focal point that will add to your home’s curb appeal and be appreciated by guests and neighbors alike.

Rambling vines such as clematis will add romance to your garden. No-fuss lilies will look great even without a green thumb. Blooming shrubs like hydrangeas and Chinese snowball are classic show-stoppers. Remember that whatever landscaping you include, the idea is to have fun creating, maintaining and, most certainly, enjoying it.

Our work seamlessly combines the complementary elements of creativity and craftsmanship, passion and precision, drama and detail. Let’s collaborate on a home that reflects these elements and is gorgeous inside and out.

At Pearce Scott Architects, our team offers a fresh approach that is grounded in decades of experience. We are intensely client-focused and our projects integrate the contemporary elements of creativity and craftsmanship, passion and precision, and drama and detail. In our professional process, every project begins and ends with you, the client.  We deliver an experience that is tailored to your unique vision and needs. From concept to completion, your priorities, passions and dreams drive everything we do, which is why our first job is to listen. We love to answer questions and invite you to learn more about our process and our commitment to client-focused practice and values. Please contact us at 843.837.5700 or come visit us in downtown historic Bluffton.