Does Your House Spark Joy?

The KonMari Method of organizing one’s belongings has become a pop-culture sensation. And many of us are striving to live with less, tidy up our homes, and live in a clean and streamlined way. Do you have a house filled with things you love, or an organizational disaster on your hands, where you can’t find anything and feel swallowed up by your belongings? Here is a bit more information about the KonMari Method.

What is the KonMari Method?

Many people believe that the KonMari Method is an organizational tool, but actually it is a decluttering method. The method centers on discarding items that do not bring you joy and happiness nor contribute to your life. By getting rid of items in your home that you do not use and that do not bring you joy, you are able to streamline the items you own, which ultimately cuts down on cluttering and makes cleaning and organizing much easier. The concept is not so much about storage solutions, but more about what you are storing. The method will allow you to spend less time tidying up, and more time enjoying your home and the things that you enjoy.

How Can You Help to Keep Your Home Clean?

The KonMari Method is only one of the many methods that can be used to help you keep your home clean. There are many other methods that you can implement to clean your home and declutter it. Many people prefer to tidy-up and declutter room by room or choose to only do a seasonal purge of unused or outdated items. At the end of the day, you have to determine what method works best for you. No matter what method you use, having the right space for your needs is important. A home that is too small for you or that does not have the storage space you need will always feel cramped and cluttered.

At Pearce Scott Architects, we believe that a thoughtfully-crafted home is a good place to start in ensuring your home sparks joy in your life. We can build closets, cupboards, shelves and pantries so that everything has a place and you have the storage space you need for the items you want to hold on to. Our team offers a fresh approach that is grounded in decades of experience. We are intensely client focused, and our projects integrate elements of creativity and craftsmanship, passion and precision. We can build a home that is cozy, tidy, and ready to fill with all the things you cherish. Please contact us at 843.837.5700 to get started on creating a home that sparks joy for you, your family, and your guests.