Tips to Make Your Entryway Work Best for You!

Your foyer or entryway is the first impression of your home.  Whether greeting family or friends, it serves as a transitional space from exterior to interior and sets the tone for your residence. Some entryways are formal and elegant, while others are more functional and simple. The way you use your entryway dictates whether it should contain cubbies for shoes or scarves, an umbrella holder or a table to display fresh flowers. Here are a few ideas to consider making your entryway work best for you.

The Impact of Color and Materials

This is the opening act to your home. The color and materials you select for your entryway will make the biggest impact in the space. Coordinate your palette with the rest of the home, setting the tone for what is to come in the following rooms. Remember to consider every surface – flooring, walls, and ceiling.  While paint is a simple solution to wall and ceiling décor, consider this special space as an opportunity to use trim, wall paper, or other materials to highlight the significance of entry into your home.

Bring in the Right Light

When designing your foyer, consider the right lighting for the space. The lighting you select should not only illuminate the space but also set the tone for the level of formality you want your entryway to convey. A simple foyer or one with a low ceiling may have recessed lighting while a more formal space may feature an intricate chandelier.  If there is artwork on display in this room, a gooseneck lamp or other spotlight may be an excellent addition to the overall lighting scheme.

Consider Furniture

Another consideration in your foyer design is your furniture options. Would your family prefer a bench or chair to sit down and put on shoes or take them off when they come home? If there is enough space in your entryway, would adding a built-in hall tree with bench provide seating and storage? Another option could be a small table with flowers to welcome guests or a place to drop mail or keys when arriving home. Remember, sometimes if the space is small, it is best served with only wall décor to maximize the floor space for entry. In these instances, less is more.

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