Why Meet with an Architect Before a Builder?

An architect is skilled and experienced at interpreting your vision for your home and working with a team of contractors to bring your dream into reality. Our designs succeed on many levels – meeting a client’s interests, passions, needs and budget. We are adept at listening to our clients so our designs are plausible yet unique, reflecting all your main concerns, while bringing through the desired aesthetic you have in mind.

Building a home is a large undertaking. Building a custom home raises the stakes on many levels – aesthetics, uniqueness and costs. An architect has the depth of experience and skills to conceive designs that meet all your requirements and remain economically feasible.


Creativity is at the heart of every custom home, and the possibilities are endless. The home will be unique to your family and how you live. Making certain you design and build your vision is crucial. Finding the right architectural partner will make all the difference in achieving this goal. At Pearce Scott Architects, we take the time to sit and listen to our clients to make sure we understand what is important to you before we start the design.

Creativity is at the heart of our firm. Early on in his architecture practice, our Principal, H. Pearce Scott, designed and built furniture. His creativity continues to thrive, as you can see through his artwork on our website and detailed client sketches. Our Associate Principal, Allison W. Bonner, also has strong creative roots. Allison earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Savanah College of Art and Design, a private institute nationally recognized for its superior arts programs.

Working as a Team

We have long-established partnerships with builders, arborists, landscape architects and other local professionals in the area who share our working values. They partner with us to maintain a singular, client-focused experience that helps us to deliver a consistently successful project experience. We stay involved in all aspects of design, from concept through construction administration.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and commitment to client-focused design. Our unique process ensures consistent, successfully-completed homes that reflect exactly what our clients want, keeping in line with their parameters.

At Pearce Scott Architects, our team offers a fresh approach that is grounded in decades of experience. We are intensely client-focused, and our projects integrate the contemporary elements of creativity and craftsmanship, passion and precision, and drama and detail. In our professional process, every project begins and ends with you, the client.  We deliver an experience that is tailored to your unique vision and needs. From concept to completion, your priorities, passions and dreams drive everything we do, which is why our first job is to listen. We love to answer questions and invite you to learn more about our process and our commitment to client-focused practice and values. Please contact us at 843.837.5700 or come visit us in downtown historic Bluffton.